Love Endures Death

The phrase “Tomorrow is not guaranteed” is often said for a reason. Losing a child is a trauma that is heartbreaking in a very literal sense. Until this is understood to be the most painful of all losses, there will never be a bridge of understanding needed to help parents cope. Grief takes a toll on you and the need for self-replenishing and self-redefining can be a conflicting struggle in every since. When the suffocating suffering passes you will find yourself left August 19, 2016with the pieces of the person you once were that has now been destroyed in order to feel something, or even possibly feel nothing. Redefining and recreating a purposeful, meaningful life, poses enormous physical, social, psychological, and spiritual challenges. The work of grief involves learning to live with and adjust to the loss. Dealing with pain is pertinent. It all starts with the sick reality that death must be acknowledged; it cannot be fought or denied. Our lives are not our own. Our child’s life was pre-determined long before we brought them into this world. But thankfully love endures death. There may be a sense that you are never finished with grief, but realistic goals of regaining an interest in life and feeling hopeful again is so important. You have to do whatever it takes to stay out of that dark hole, which is so easy to get trapped in, and live your life as a celebration of their life, not as a slave to their memory. Mommy loves you Myesha!! FIM <3 F