Mastering The Art of Silent Crying

The more time passes I understand that it’s okay to live a life that others don’t understand. Some days are just not as easy as others. As the evening winds down, my thoughts are free to roam and they always seem to find her. As a grieving mother I can tell you I’ve mastered the art of silent crying. I can be sitting right next you and as long as you’re not staring at me, you would never know I was crying. I find I do it often anymore because ugly crying is just exhausting and draws too much unwanted attention. Odd really if you think about it. Tears have no sound, yet always make the most profound statement of emotional heart break and sadness.

And as the sun rises, once again I am able to smile in the morning like I wasn’t crying last night. Mommy loves you Myesha. You are sooo beautiful.