Week 10

Forever In My Heart Friday! Who me??? Lol!!! Its been 10 weeks today that my baby girl died. The expression on her face in this picture says it all. There are so many funny moments that we shared together and I just wish I could remember all of them, but I can’t. So I’m asking each and everyone of you who knew her and who has stories that you can remember, to please share them on my page or on her page so that you can bring a smile on my face and some laughter in my heart. Today I want to share a story with you and it’s one of my funny moments that I had with her when she learned to drive. We had gone up to Kansas City with my mother for a doctors appointment and I had let her drive home. I was so tired that I lay down in the backseat and my mother sat with her in the front as she drove back from Kansas City. Next thing I know she was waking me up suddenly telling me that the police were pulling her over. I sat up in the seat quickly to see the red and blue lights flashing behind us as she pulled over on the side of the road. As the officer approached the window he ask her for her drivers license and was telling her that of course she was speeding. She was adamant that she was not speeding and that she had the cruise control set and my mother chimed right in and said that she was sitting right there watching her driving and that she was not speeding. I in turn chimed in and said that I was sitting right in the back seat and could see that the cruise control was set and she was not speeding. The officer stood there and looked confused for about 30 seconds and then ask Myesha if she saw another van go speeding by. Of course my daughter said “Oh yeah, this other van speed right past us!” The officer then apologized and said that he had pulled over the wrong van, told us to have a good day, and let us leave. A couple of days later my daughter comes to me and tells me that she needed to talk to me. She tells me that in fact she lied, to not only me, but the officer, and that she was speeding. But she was scared that she was going to get in trouble so she lied about the whole thing. I looked at her with this shocked look on my face and then we both laughed as hard as we could because she actually got out of her first speeding ticket! These are the moments that you share with your children that you never forget. But unfortunately there are so many more moments that you share that you do end up forgetting, and they mean so much to you and you don’t realize it until all future moments have been taken away and you won’t have any more to share together. Today I ask each and everyone of you to think about one of the best moment you’ve had with somebody that you love and take a few moments to share those with that person either with a phone call, a text message, or on their Facebook page so that you can bring a smile to their face today! Mommy loves you Myesha Reed! FIM <3 F