Week 11

Forever In My Heart Friday! 11 weeks. So YES, I am that CRAZY parent, lol! I am THAT parent that will GPS my children when they are out with their friends and away from home. Because I Care! So anyone who knew Myesha, knew how much she loved the Party Bus nights. But even though she was on the party bus, it didn’t stop me from GPS’ing her. So one night I GPS’d her, and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t right outside my friend Sheila’s house, where I just happened to be at, pulled over, so that the teens could go in the QT for a break. So of course what do I do???? Oh yeah…I run outside, jump on the bus, dancing to the music in the aisle, asking where Myesha was. She finally stopped “hiding”, lol, and came to the front of the bus. Boy, was she embarrassed. Don’t think I wasn’t checking out what was really going on, on these get togethers. Needless to say, she was fine, just ready to get me back off the bus! YEP! I love my kids with all my heart! I’m proud to be THAT CRAZY parent! Mommy loves you Myesha! FIM <3 F