Week 16

Forever In My Heart Friday. 16 weeks. ASKING FOR PRAYERS TODAY!!! So I’ve had very little sleep due to the fact that Chloe Wiley has to have arthroscopic surgery this morning. She injured her knee over the summer and we have been left with no choice but this decision. Needless to say, we are apprehensive and extremely nervous at this point. They say this is a minor surgery, but of course nothing is minor in our lives anymore when it comes to surgery. More than anything, I know that Chloe wishes Myesha Reed could be here with her today. You see these two girls, even though they were five years apart, you would think they were more like twins. I guess that’s what the bond of sisterhood does. I often laugh to the fact that it was pointless to buy a crib for Chloe because Myesha would take her out and put her in bed with her every night, as if she was a baby doll. It used to scare the crap out of me! Lol! But somehow they managed to make it work. Those two maked it work up until the point that she left this world, even if they were squeezing into a full size bed lol! They say when you have a sister it’s like having that forever best friend. What can YOU say about the bond between you and your sister?? So even though Myesha is not here today, we know that she is our guardian angel and I have been talking to her all morning, and asking her to give her sister a sense of peace today so that she’s not so nervous. But most importantly, to watch over her, the way big sisters are supposed to. I love you Chloe. Everything is going to be fine. I promise! Mommy loves you Myesha. FIM <3 F He said to her, " Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." Mark 5:34