Week 17

Forever In My Heart Friday. 17 weeks. On this date today Myesha officially passed her Driver’s Ed course and got her driver’s license. I will never forget when I picked her up from the class she got in the van and was crying. I was instantly fearful that she had failed the course and my heart sank into my stomach. I asked her what was wrong and how she did. She could not respond because she was soo full of emotion. I finally pulled over to calm her down and make her talk to me. She told me she passed. Whew! But she was sad because her dad was not alive to share this moment with her. I will never forget that moment. I will also never forget the moments to come with her as a young driver. We would have so much fun on the road. I would often make fun of her driving and pretend that I was on a roller coaster ride and throw my hands up in the air and yell “Weeee” when we would drive around, lol. It was not uncommon to find us with the windows down, the sunroof open, the music as loud as possible, and our voices singing just as loud as we could driving down the street. Man….did we love to sing! Not only that, we sounded sooo good together! Throw in her sister Chloe Wiley and it was a concert in full effect!! We never cared that people stared at us. In fact, it would just make us laugh and sing even louder! I’m sure that all of Myesha’s friends, whoever had the opportunity and great privilege of riding in the Lexus, could attest to the great fun she would give them in those times riding around in her car! I would love to hear about these moments if you would share those in the comments below it would bring the biggest smile to my face today! Whether it’s the name of a song, or a funny dance that she did, please share it with me! Today I share with you a Vine video that one of her best friends Whitley Spratlen made on one of those hillarious and silly days that brings such joy today! Just hearing her voice makes my heart full! Mommy Loves You Myesha Reed!
FIM <3 F