Week 19

Forever In My Heart Friday. FIMHF. Week 19. So it finally happened. Our first holiday without my daughter. I dreaded this day for some time. I had a lot of time to think about what it would be like without her. I feel like there are so many memories that were waiting to be made that are gone now. A lifetime of memories that could have been made that have been taken by death. But as the day came and went, it was truly a beautiful day. The kids and I, and my family, truly enjoyed ourselves, and I could feel her presence all around us! It is now that I reflect that SHE is what I am thankful for. It’s not that I will ever forget that, but sometimes it is hard to think clearly through all the pain and tears in my heart. Because even though my heart is broken, it is also full of love. Our bond will always be at the top of my list of things to be thankful for. I am thankful for being her mother, and having her as my daughter. I will always reflect on the good times that we had in our lives. Overall, SHE made my life better and she made ME better. Her life may have been short, but we have wonderful memories together. These are memories that death will not steal away from any of us. Memories that I still have captured on camera and video and so many more that I can only hold in my mind and heart. All of which I will never forget. Since the holidays continue to approach, I encourage each and everyone of you to make your own memories and make them special, and make them count. Capture as many as possible on camera and video and take the time to slow down with your busy schedule and capture each moment and embrace them as they come. All too often life moves too fast we take the little things for granted and we miss them. As parents we always dread the fact that our children may pass before us and we always push the thought to the back of our minds that their death will never happen to us. But the fact and reality is, it can. I implore all of my fellow friends and family to take the time to enjoy these holidays with your children, and with your loved ones, and just take a second to just slow down, sit down, and just watch and enjoy these moments because such are the moments that you will be able to capture in your heart and cherish for the rest of your lives! I hope each and everyone of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving as we did! Mommy loves you Myesha Reed FIM <3 F