Week 2

Forever In My Heart Friday (FIMHF), Today marks 2 weeks since my baby girl left us. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t cried. I read her FB posts, listen to her sing the songs she recorded, and even sing with her. I miss the sound of our voices singing together. So to keep her memory alive, every Friday I will find positive motivation that she shared on FB or just memories that we had with her so she can always continue to live on in our hearts. So this post was from last summer. I had hurt my hip and was unable to teach Zumba for 6 weeks. I was depressed and devistated. But Myesha was right there with her sister Chloe, finding new music, and thinking of new choreography for me to use when I was able to teach again. Even when I was ready to give up, they wouldn’t let me. So this is a song that Myesha shared to my wall that she wanted me to do when I got better. Enjoy our memories! FIMHF