Week 4

Good morning! It’s Friday, which means it’s Forever In My Heart Friday (FIM<3F)!! I have so much of Myesha Reed's memories to share with all of you that it's bubbling over inside of me. So let me start off by thanking anyone who takes the time to read /watch/listen to my FIM<3F posts. You never realize how much JUST ONE person can affect your life SO MUCH!!! I would love to hear how Myesha affected yours too! Please feel free to post your own FIM<3F post and tag her name or mine. I would love to read them!! But even for those who may not have known my daughter personally, make sure you take the time today to reach out to at least one person and thank them for something special that they did for you in your life! Heck, they might not even realized it, and what a wonder feeling that would be on a Friday!! So my video today is of Myesha at the age of 2. The year is 1998. Titanic finally came out on video and boy did she love that movie. I'm sure as parents you all remember those shows/cartoons/sitcoms that your children went through that they couldn't get enough of. I bet we watched this movie every night for a month straight. It got to the point it just played like background noise in the house because she always wanted to watch it so she could THIS SONG!! Myesha LOVED LOVED LOVED to sing!! I always sang to her, she sang to me, and we sang together. I know the video is around 3 minutes but I promise it's got it's funny parts and the end has her wonderful Grand Finale!! Happy FIM<3F! Mommy loves you!