Week 6

Forever In My Heart Friday! Myesha loved her brothers and sister so much! As much as she used to kid about wanting to be an only child I know she would never change it for the world! She was her siblings biggest protector and was truly their best friend! As I was driving Corban Wiley to school this morning he told me he wished that there was a magic button that could bring people back to life where he could just write somebody’s name and they would come back! I asked him who he would want to bring back and of course he said “Myesha”. He told me that he drew a picture of his sister in his notebook at school and wanted to show me when we got there this morning. I got out a picture that I’ve been keeping in the car of her and I gave it to him and ask him if he would like to keep it with him at school so that he could look at her whenever he wanted to. He was very excited and held on to that picture all the way to school. We got to his school, he showed me his notebook and it had a beautiful picture of a sun and a rainbow that he drew with the sun rays coming off of the sun because he sees his sister in the rays of the sun when they shine through the clouds! We taped that picture of Myesha on that page that he drew so that way he can see her at school. I think all too often we take our siblings for granted that they will just always be there, but the reality is tomorrow is not promised. So this morning this goes out to everybody who has a sibling. I want to tell my sister Lacey Wakefield- Jackson how much I love her and even though we don’t get to see each other often, you’re always in my thoughts and I’m so glad you’re my sister! So today if you have a sibling take a few moments to send them a message and tell them how much they mean to you! FIM <3 F!