Week 8

Forever in My Heart Friday! Yes I know it’s a day late, let me explain. You see the one thing I have learned in 7 weeks now is that tomorrow is not promised. Our fate and destiny is not always in our hands. God has a plan for all of us even though we may not always understand. You see I so often took for granted time with my children and now I feel like I didn’t take enough pictures or VIDEOS!! You never realize how much you miss hearing your children call you “Mom” or saying things like “I love you”. So on that note I want to say a heart felt “Thank You” to my bf Matt for taking the time to video record me and my children’s last Christmas together. I would not have even thought to do it because I took that time for granted. But he did. He recorded my children unwrapping their Christmas gifts. But his old phone has been acting up and it wasn’t until he went and got a new iPhone 6 yesterday that we were finally able to view and download that video. I was so anxious that it wouldn’t work and I would never get to see it. I didn’t even watch it after he recorded it because I just took it for granted. But now that Myesha is gone I so desperately wanted to watch it. Thank you Jesus that we got it to work and I now have that video on my Mac to watch over and over again. We stayed up all night trying to get it to download because it’s 22 minutes long. FINALLY, this morning it worked!!! Praise be the God!! I got the hear Myesha say my name, “Mom”, one last time on video. “Mom”. It was like music to my ears!! (crying) The last video I have of her saying my name!! My heart is joyful. So today, this weekend, I employ everyone to take a few moments to record a simple video on your phone of you and your children, or your loved ones, telling each other how much you love each other. You will never know how much that means to you until you need it the most!! I know it may sound silly but you will thank me later, I promise!! Thank you Matt for loving me and children enough to always think to take lots of pictures, and VIDEOS, even when I don’t think it’s important. These are the memories that will last forever!! Happy recording this weekend my friends, and loved ones!! Tomorrow is not promised!! I love you all!! FIM <3 F