Week 9

Forever in My Heart Friday. Godparent’s are beyond special. They are not just special on the day your child is born, or on their baptismal, but special for a child’s life, even when they are grown-up themselves. It’s a life-long commitment to share not only the special occasions with, but to guide your children on how to make good choices in life, for themselves, and for others. This might mean talking to them about how to stay healthy, how to resist temptations that can harm them and other people, and how to handle peer pressure as they grow older, but how to succeed in school and in life. A Godparent is an extra person in your child’s life to love, dote on, be proud of, and generally support them in everything he/she does. Back in 1996 I’m sure that Sharon Coupland and Tammy Dressel never imagined that I would say “Yes” when they ask to be Myesha’s Godmothers. But how could I say “No”. They were the most amazing 2 people in my life and I never had any doubts in my decision. As Myesha Reed grew into her toddler years Sharon’s love for Myesha was overflowing. She would get no less than 3 pairs of Nike’s for her birthday, Christmas, etc. Sharon was bound and determined for Myesha to love shoes as much as she did!! Well it worked. She did!! More shoes than me that girl had!! Sharon loved to spend time with Myesha, and to some, she may not have been that “Fairy Godmother” type. But she was PERFECT for us!! Her personality, charm, and charisma was abundant and she passed all of her “wisdom” to Myesha at a very early age. Including playing “dirty” to get what she wanted….bahaaaaa!! As Myesha got older, she got a God-Sister, Aaliyah Gomillion, to also bond with. Later came her other Godmother Bobbi Jo Dixon. What a blessing this power couple was for all 3 of my children. When Corban was born I gave Sharon the honor of picking/spelling Corban’s middle name, Jaxon, as a way of saying “Thank You” for always being such a wonderful role model in my children’s lives. For letting them stay over, loving them, guiding them, and willing to take on a full time parenting role in the event anything ever happened to me. So todays FIM <3 F goes out to the wonderful Godmother’s in my children’s lives. I would have never changed a single thing!! You are not only my children’s rock, but you are MY rock and spiritual guide when I need you. I love you all so much!! Words can’t express my gratitude. Thank you! FIM <3 F